Leggings That Really Perform Dual Purpose

In today’s world when obesity is leading to a number of health problems like high blood pressure, losing weight has become a mantra among many people. Losing weight not only makes the person healthy, but also makes him or her look good. However, there are many people, especially youngsters who take up rapid diet for weight loss that can harm their body. So it is very important to be aware of such plans that promote crash dieting and opt for a fast weight loss diet that not only aids the person in losing calories, but also in keeping him fit and healthy.

In order to effectively train your core muscles , you must incorporate a variety of stabilization, functional and traditional exercises. A study by Dr. Jerrold S. Petrofsky actually put this to the test by researching how much muscle activity is generated by different abdominal exercises. The simple, traditional abdominal floor crunch was found to produce and recruit the least amount of muscle activity when subjects were attached to an electromyography (EMG) machine! That’s not to say that you should never perform a traditional abdominal crunch; but this particular exercise should be done as part of a varied core-strengthening routine.

Until, then I will have to run through my existing assortment. Which at over 300 pairs will take the rest of the winter and the beginning of next winter. Thats not counting socks and leggings. I am a big proponent of tummy control tights so that when I wear a dress or skirt I don’t feel like my stomach is sticking out so much. Recently, I was asked to review the High Waist Tights by ShaToBu. ShaToBu tights don’t just have tummy control but provides the same muscle tone and calorie benefits of the ShaToBu body shaper.calorie burning tights

Is it possible that shapewear can actually help me to burn calories? ShaToBu is confident that the new GET FIT Shaping Tights from ShaToBu is “scientifically proven to burn calories with toning and shaping properties too.” ShaToBu also has a wide selection of revolutionary shapewear that can help women “shape, tone and burn more calories during everyday activities.” To learn more or to purchase GET FIT Shaping Tights visit ShaToBu. Thankfully I waited until Saturday morning to opened my new black ShaToBu tummy shaping, muscle toning, calorie burning tights because I spent several minutes trying to get into them.

These tights are beautiful, the pattern is called Kilim They have an all over folk art design on a sheer base. I find the pattern both exotic and exciting. I always get asked how to wear a pattern tight with a patterned skirt. This is a nice example. This skirt looks like a cross between and ink blot and a watercolor, the skirt is from JCrew and no longer available. The structure to the pattern on the tights in a nice compliment to the abstract pattern of the skirt. Slow down, run sensible and think about what you are doing a little more. Remember every workout should have a purpose.

A few years ago I used to teach spin classes. This population of fitness fanatics are the people who seem to use these incorrect training methods over and over and over. I estimate that the vast majority of these guys are training way too hard and as a result find it impossible to make any sustained change in body weight. Keep the fire of your metabolism burning and avoid the doldrums of winter by getting outdoors. With just a little prep time, you can safely keep up your calorie burn and keep your body and skin protected.shatobu calorie burning shaping tights

After all of that, I would like to talk about my outfit and hosiery pick of the day. These are my absolute favorite pair of tights. They are from Wolford, the creme da la creme, at least here in the states since other great brands are not so available. I work in a fairly causal office as far as the fashion industry goes. as a little tip-you can sometimes find these at places like Tj Maxx. I saw these particualr tights at Bergdorf Goodman and even with my employee discount I had at the time I still had to pass them up.

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